The Perks

Medical Insurance: We put the wellness of our employees and their families in our top priorities, which is why we work with the best insurance companies to provide them with wide coverage. Schooling: Learning and development is at the core of our mission, and since it is always better to start at young age, our employees are entitled to a schooling allowance to support their children's education.

The Culture

Our values are guided by our eagerness to empower others. Hence, we demand a culture of integrity, Reciprocity, Self-development, Ownership, Respect and Customer orientation. We are jointly committed to make CivilSoft a better place to work.

The Growth Outlook

We consider the employees of Civilsoft to be its most valuable asset, carefully selected upon our strict measures to build a workforce of only the best talent, sharing our values and striving to influence people lives. We commit to the mission of building our current employees, believing that they’ll be our future leaders.
Promoting a learning environment is our tool to encourage continuous development; In addition to on-the-job training, we offer opportunities including lectures, workshops, and conference attendance. We give our employees the chance to uncover and magnify their abilities through job enrichment opportunities. We encourage taking calculated risks and we see mistakes as an opportunity to learn rather than a reason to blame.
We offer our top notch employees career counselling, lateral moves & fast track promotions, if they were found to have the capabilities, passion and persistence.

The Impact

Nothing feels as good as seeing your work implemented in some of the world's most prominent organizations, contributing to their success and adding value to the lives of their employees.

The Exposure

Gain insight into the work of different organizations in different industries and different markets. The opportunity to build unlimited exposure is guaranteed at CivilSoft. The real question is: How will you put it to good use?

Play (fun)

Have fun while inspiring others… Enjoy our trips, parties and gatherings... Play Xbox at your free time.

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