CivilSoft was founded in pursuit of a strong passion for software development, it was founded in pursuit of a fulfilling career, which is why we believe, more than anyone else, in empowering people to pursue their own passions, and take charge of their careers. We also believe that between passion and execution, lies talent. We foster a culture of continuous learning and development that allows you to grow your talent and establish yourself in the career you have chosen. What makes a career truly fulfilling is the ability to add value to other people’s lives. We used our programming talent to develop software specialized in human resources, in people, software that would enhance employee wellbeing, drive engagement, and enhance learning and development, software that would extend our passion to empower people beyond the walls of our own organization. CivilSoft started its operations in Dubai in 1994 and grew to inaugurate offices in both Jeddah and Alexandria, to serve a wide variety of organizations in the region. We visualize a success story of a company emerging from the Middle East to become the most recommended IT Corporation in the world. We need people whose passions and values are aligned with our own, to further our impact, to make a change. We do not offer jobs, we offer careers worth pursuing.

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